China is the world’s leading emitter of heat-trapping gases by a wide margin. Its policies for limiting emissions will have a significant impact on the global climate for decades to come.

This Guide to Chinese Climate Policy provides information on China’s emissions, the impacts of climate change in China, the history of China’s climate change policies and China’s response to climate change today. 

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Solar Farm

Solar Power in China

China leads the world in solar power, with more than one-third of global solar capacity. In 2018, 45% of the solar power capacity added globally was in China.  Learn more. 

Chinese Role in Foreign Coal Plants

China’s state-owned policy banks provide substantially more support for coal-fired power plants than any other public financial institutions.  As of early 2019, those banks were supporting roughly 44 GW of coal-fired power plants in the development pipeline abroad.Learn more. 

Coal Plants

Forestry in China

Forests cover large parts of southern China and much of China’s far northeast.  China’s Natural Forest Conservation Program is the largest forest conservation program in the world.  It includes massive tree-planting programs, an expansion of forest reserves and a ban on logging in primary forests. Learn more.