“This comprehensive guide by a leading authority on the climate change policies of China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is the most up-to-date reference available, and belongs on the desks and bookshelves of researchers and practitioners alike.” -- Robert Stavins, A. J. Meyer Professor of Energy and Economic Development, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"David Sandalow’s extraordinary energy and environmental expertise coupled with his rich governmental experience at the Department of Energy, State Department and National Security Council are reflected in his Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019.  His fact-packed analysis of China’s climate policies, both good and bad, and how they compare with other nations’ policy efforts, is invaluable. Professor Sandalow’s  excellent study is extremely timely and deserves a high level of attention."  -- Amb. Carla Hills, Chair, National Committee on US-China Relations and former US Trade Representative

“This is an excellent, readable, practical discussion of climate policy in a country whose climate policy is an indispensable ingredient to combatting climate change. David Sandalow is the perfect guide, deeply knowledgeable about China and practiced in the hands-on business of climate and energy diplomacy.” -- Todd Stern, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and former US Special Climate Envoy

“In the global effort to protect the climate, no country matters more than China.  David Sandalow has written the definitive guide to Chinese actions—both at home and abroad.  Impressive in scope and depth, Sandalow’s study puts a spotlight on many important signs of progress along with some challenges that are deeply worrying.” – David Victor, Professor of International Relations, University of California at San Diego and Co-Chair, Brookings Initiative on Energy and Climate Change

“The energy transformation going on in China is critical to whether the world succeeds or fails in solving the climate crisis and that is why David Sandalow’s important, authoritative and timely Guide to that transformation is so welcome.” -- John Podesta, Founder and Director, Center for American Progress

“David Sandalow’s Guide to Chinese Climate Policies 2019 succeeds in achieving a seemingly impossible goal – to provide a concise, clear, and objective explication and evaluation of China’s wide-ranging, multifaceted policies to address climate change.  This deeply researched volume is a truly outstanding resource for anyone interested in this vitally important topic. -- Kenneth Lieberthal, Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan

"David Sandalow's Guide to Chinese Climate Policy provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of both the positive and not-so-positive recent developments in China as it balances economic growth and development with climate change mitigation goals." - Nan Zhou, Head, International Energy Analysis Department, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“The Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 offers a comprehensive and readable account of the range of factors that influence and motivate China’s current approach to the challenge of global climate change. Drawing on his extensive background both in US government and the private sector, David has written a guide that should provide essential background for anyone interested in the current state of China’s environment and development.” -- Michael McElroy, Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University

“The Guide to Chinese Climate Policy 2019 is a timely update to its impressive original edition. It offers anyone who is interested in China’s actions in tackling climate change a comprehensive overview, as well as nuanced assessment of the successes and challenges China faces in addressing the impact of climate change.” – Jiang Lin, Nat Simons Presidential Chair in China Energy Policy at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

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